‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’ Edgar Degas

As a mixed media artist, graphic designer, senior academic in creativity, and painter with 35 years of experience in graphic design and advertising, I am drawn to the intersection of different mediums and disciplines. My work explores the interplay of colour, shape, and form, as well as the relationship between the visual and the auditory, with many pieces inspired by the sounds around us.

I am particularly interested in the way that mixed media can be used to create new and unexpected juxtapositions. For example, I might combine traditional painting techniques with collage or digital found objects and photography. This allows me to explore different ideas and concepts in a more layered and nuanced way. My art embodies a synthesis of tradition and innovation, leveraging AI to draft the initial sketches of Britain's landscapes and evolving through digital manipulation, collage, and acrylics to merge textures and stories on canvas.

My work is also influenced by mid-20th-century modernism and creatives such as John Piper, John Betjeman, Robert Tavener and Charles Keeping. I am drawn to their use of bold colours and simplified forms to capture the essence of nature, the seasons, and the landscape.

I have created works for film, music, and television (such as 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures). I am interested in the way that these mediums can be used to create immersive and multisensory experiences. Many of the images I create are possible stories for different places.

I am passionate about the power of art and design to transform and inspire. I believe creative works can help us see the world in new and different ways and to connect with our own emotions and experiences. My goal is to create art that is both visually and intellectually stimulating and that challenges viewers to think about the world around them in new ways.


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